In today's society, the materials of the mobile phones and computers we use are different. The screens of different materials will naturally bring you different visual experience. Their display, resolution, clarity, etc. will be different. There is a big difference, which also determines that their prices are also different. At present, the mobile phones we use are mainly tft screens and ips screens. So, what are their specific definitions, which is good or bad, and where are the specific differences? Let me tell you one by one.

  1. What is a tft screen

  The English full name of TFT is Thin Film Transistor, which is translated as thin film field effect transistor in Chinese. It is a very powerful matrix type liquid crystal display. TFT is equipped with a special light tube on the back of the liquid crystal, which can "actively" control each independent pixel on the screen. This is also the origin of the so-called active matrix TFT (activematrixTFT), which can greatly improve the response time. Generally, TFT The response time is relatively fast, about 80 ms , while STN is 200 ms. If you want to increase it, flicker will occur. And because the TFT is an active matrix LCD, the arrangement of the liquid crystal can be memorized and will not return to the original state immediately after the current disappears. TFT also improves the STN flicker (water ripple)-blur phenomenon, effectively improving the ability to play dynamic pictures. Compared with STN, TFT has excellent color saturation, reduction ability and higher contrast, but the disadvantage is that it consumes more power and costs more.

  2. What is ips screen

  The full name of the IPS screen is (In-Plane Switching). IPS technology changes the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules. It adopts horizontal conversion technology to speed up the deflection speed of liquid crystal molecules and ensure that the picture definition can be super The strong expressive power eliminates the blur and water ripples that will occur when the traditional LCD display receives external pressure and shaking. Because the liquid crystal molecules rotate in a plane, the IPS screen is inherently a very good viewing angle performance, and the four axial directions can achieve a viewing angle close to 180 degrees.

  3. Which is better between the tft screen and the ips screen

  As a screen that is currently used by mainstream devices, TFT performs relatively well. Although it is inferior to the iPhone's IPS screen in overall display performance and other tests, TFT is the screen of choice for mobile phone manufacturers as compared to simple TFT screens in terms of yield and technical difficulty. Now iphone4 uses LG's IPS film review technology to push this technology to a peak, and Samsung's AMOLED also has a tendency to overthrow this peak, and the display battle is inevitable.


What is a tft screen? Which one is better between tft screen and ips screen